Friday 8 July 2016

How to Reduce stress in Daily Life

5 Tips from Angelica Urbas for Reducing Stress in Daily Life

Reducing stress from regular life is necessary for keeping us healthy and fit. Here, Angelica Urbas suggested some effective ways staying healthy by reducing stress from daily life.

Meditation: Doing meditation on regular basis is an effective way for reducing stress in our daily life. The researches indicate that regular meditation change the neural pathways of our brain for making us more resilient to the stress.

Regular exercise: Regular exercise is another effective way for relaxing others. It releases endorphins and thus, change your mood instantly. However, exercising does not mean hard physical training for long hours. Just a walk for few minutes can do the relax you greatly. Even a stretching during break at work can help you to get out of a stressful situation.

Perfect diet: As per Angelica Urbas, taking right diet is also necessary for staying away from stress. Often, we take sugary or fatty foods for betterment of our mood but this is a wrong way. Instead of taking such foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables can help us to avoid stress. Regular intake of fishes which are rich with omega-3 fatty acid is also beneficial for reducing symptoms of stress.

Take green tea: Most of us take tea or coffee to relax ourselves in stressful situation. However, it is another wrong method of handling stress. The drinks like tea or coffee contain high level of caffeine. So, intake of these items increase our blood pressure. Urbas considers that drinking green tea in stressful situation can be effective. Apart from containing less amount of caffeine, green tea also contain antioxidants that help us to stay relaxed.

Have adequate sleep: Sound sleep for adequate time is must to keep stress under control. While sleeping, our body and brain get proper rest. So, one should ensure that he/ she is sleeping for sufficient time to keep stress away.

Along with the previous 5 tips, Angelica Urbas considers that the techniques such as listening music , reading books or spending time with friends is also important for reducing stress.


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