Wednesday 14 December 2016

Angelica Urbas - Protect your brain health with these 4 powerful nutrients

Perhaps you’ve heard people laughingly refer to “senior moments,” those temporary lapses of memory that can leave you searching for a word — or a lost set of car keys. Perhaps you’ve even had a few yourself.  Is this a sign of poor brain health?

Unless they occur so frequently that they interfere with daily life, these little lapses are probably just a sign of a sign of normal age-related memory loss – and of the inevitable fact that your brain is getting smaller every year.

Loss of brain mass can threaten cognition, memory, mood – even life itself

Brain shrinkage, or loss of volume in the brain, is a normal part of aging. However, abnormally pronounced brain shrinkage puts you at risk for cognitive and movement disorders – and even stroke and early death. Research shows that people with smaller brain volumes have a 96 percent increase in their risk of stroke – as well as a 58 percent increase in risk of death from all causes.

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