Saturday 24 June 2017

Take Better Care of Your Health With These Fundamental Tips

Protecting one’s health is one of the most major concerns for everyone. Nowadays diseases and ailments are affecting millions of people around the world. So maintaining a proper healthy lifestyle is a challenge for many of us. Periodic health checkups are important if you want to make sure that your health is okay. Evaluations can help you determine how to further improve your health, what to do, and what not to do. 

Health expert Angelica Urbas has some tips to help you maintain and improve your overall physical and mental health. Following these can make a significant improvement. Here are the everyday health tips that can greatly improve your lifestyle and health condition:

9 Valuable Everyday Health Tips 

1. Breathe well - Most of us overlook the importance of proper breathing. Try to breathe deep and not shallow. Diaphragmatic breathing is one of the basic needs of the body to relieve stress, and refresh blood Oxygen levels. 

2. Drink water - We’re all guilty of not drinking the recommended amount of body our bodies need on a regular basis. Make it a point to drink at least 3 liters of fresh and clean water every day. It is quite necessary to maintain the alkalinity of your body, running key bodily functions, and flushing out impurities. 

3. Avoid processed foods - Your body will thank you for avoiding processed meats, breakfast cereals, canned fruits and vegetables, sweet stuff and ready meals. The preservatives and additives added to keep them fresh can do a lot of harm to your body systems.  

4. Sleep enough, sleep well - Lack of sleep is downright dangerous. It messes up your hormones, interrupts damage repairs, stops key brain regenerative processes and more. Aim to get 8 hours of sleep every night, 7 if you can’t manage 8. 

5. Eat a good breakfast - It’s been said a thousand times and it's true. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as you break your night long ‘fast’ with it. So make sure that it is nutritious as it is the fuel you need to start your day. 

6. Exercise often - Inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle are silent killers, as they lead to poor circulation and many different diseases. It is important to do light to moderate exercise on a regular basis. That will fire up your body but also your mind, and keep you in a good mood.

7. Don’t do drugs or alcohol - Drugs are bad news as all of us know. Doing recreational drugs, smoking cigarettes and binging on alcohol should be avoided as much as possible. They can have short and long-term implications on people’s health, which can also be life-threatening.

8. Keep a positive mind - Research shows that negative thoughts can have a serious impact on the body, especially the heart. Negativity also raises stress, anxiety and can provoke depression. So it is important to keep your thoughts positive to maintain your health. 

9. Balanced diets are important - You can’t eat too much meat without falling sick. On the other hand, just veggies won’t give you the calories you need. Then there’s the matter of taste and what you enjoy eating, which is also important. It is recommended that you always eat a balanced diet. We need the right amount of minerals and macronutrients. There must not be deficiencies of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

If you follow and implement the steps mentioned above, you can get the level of health you desire. 


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